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Why so Saur ?

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Saurians are a warrior race of tribal people that live close to volcanoes, and anything and everything else that managed to grow there. They depend on the nutrient rich soil and naturally occuring magma to hatch their eggs. The result is a battle hardened, iron scaled predator that relies on sheer physical prowess and an instinctually programmed fighting spirit to brave the monster infested worlds of the etha with.

At the noon of their race, they rallied great numbers where much culling could be had, hoarded much ashenlands, ate plenty, lived vigorously and and built honor-bound societies based on the ways of battle at the zenith of their race's pride.

But in recent revolutions, their people die out, the ashen lands grow grey and dull, and their Seeza - blood of volcanoes are disrupted by abominable races of underneath. Most of all, the monsters they fight grew cunning, expanded , used their blood-thirst against them, raised deadly warriors with their small size, and grew with determination since they discovered their people's name: Human.

But what is a saurian that didn't adapt , didn't survive whatever battle came their way, don't ask me - because I have never met one. Today ,they travel in small bands, challenging every race, every civilization at the noon of their prime to meet them in fields of battle and cull them for their strongest warriors to fates that no man has lived to tell.

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Deuce of Rainbow Arcade.

BECAUSE SHE CHEATS THE SYSTEM. Also annoying foot cropping arrgh.

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Metallakannia Sketches

How do you even manage to spell that consistently each time ???

A race of humans affected by the Day of Light more than they would like, the resulting post apocalyptic miasma and lunar influences have created a people with varying skintones which lead to millitaristic cullings of each other until they were finally united under the banner of pragmatism, logic, and above all else, human conquest.

The Metallakannians after having banded together into an effecient survivalist state, has begun to reintegrate forerunner technology, technology of their fallen ancestors, to their civilization as well as their millitary and struck out to reclaim their monster infested cities; hunting and destroying all those that are found too irregular to fit in under humanity's banner.