Monday, October 18, 2010

Zombie Questan

Sol lately ive been running a live interactive comic on /TG/
Needless to say its been a harrowing and engaging experience to cater and keep up with the requests of a dozen or so anonymous who took this as a wild wild ride into my version of zombie land.

In the end its allowed me to be very concise and fast with my art and allowed me to get off my plot horse and completely run with ideas that was only presented to me by the audience. There is the pre planned stuff of setting up the world andthe concepts of course but the real visceral pacing of surprise, discovery, buildup and cathartic release OF THINGS HAPPENING all occurs on the fly.

Basically the rules were simple. I post pictures on a forum and a present anonymous with a situation. They then respond in kind, and I'm given a good range of options to choose from. The more people participating, the better the feedback usually gets so I get to take the story in very deciscive directions while anonymous sits back and revels at the result of their patience at waiting for a 10-20 minute comic panel/ page to be rendered. [poorly and rushed i might add]

Part game, part comic, all collaborative story. You can kind of see why making and doing this project has been nothing short of an addicting and engrossing experience.

450 pages and still counting. I can't wait to see this in some tangible form that others can enjoy !